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Murray's Landing LLC 

Hocking Hill's Canoe and Kayak Livery in Nelsonville, Ohio


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Come directly to Murray's Landing to RENT or Use your OWN FLOAT outside of our MAIN EVENTS

Call 740-856-7848 and make a Reservations ASAP 

  • We have a limited number of Tubes we can Rent per day (Approximately 250-300)
  • Your welcome to bring your own float on the day of the event. Air compressors available to fill floats

Please come about 30-45 Minutes prior to your launch/reservation time.

  • We will be launching hundreds of people per hour at the canoe livery so please come only about 30-45 minutes before you launch. 

  • We will be taking both Credit Cards and CASH on the day of the event.
  • We will have a line for Credit Cards Only and CASH Only.  
  • If your coming in large groups please try to have your group ready to pay at one time.

Will will be giving out bracelets to everyone that rents or brings a float.

  • You will not be given a tube or allowed on the river without a bracelet.  
  • Our rental tubes will be pick up at the Canoe Livery when you show your bracelet.  
  • If you bring your own floats drop them off at Murray's Landing with someone to watch them. Then please park at Hocking College.
  • We will have air compressors to fill your floats.  We are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR FLOATS that BREAK if over inflated. 

We have parking available at Hocking College for Tube Floaters.

  • We can park a limited number of cars at Murray's Landing for anyone transporting a Canoe or Kayak.
  • If you our renting a TUBE or Bringing a FLOAT you need park at HOCKING COLLEGE.

If you our camping you will have a separate bracelet that you need to wear as well.

  • You can check in starting at 9am on Friday for campsites.  Please check out before Noon on the last day of your stay.

If a tube should get punctured you are responsible for bringing it back to the drop of point or will be charged additional $30.

  • Make sure life Jackets are returned as well.
  • We will have STAFF at the check out point on the sand bar at HOCKING COLLEGE collecting TUBES and LIFE JACKETS.

Please make sure that we DO NOT LITER and that we leave the HOCKING RIVER cleaner than it was before we were there.

We will have Music at MURRAY'S LANDING on Saturday to provide some entertainment while you wait.


Everyone participating must sign a Murray's Landing waiver? 

  • Please try to print off waivers from our website before you come and please read the waiver and sign.  This will expedite the check in procedure.
  • If you have a child under the age of 16 then a parent or guardian will also need to sign.

Are reservations recommended? 

  • Yes reservations are highly recommended. Reservations expedite the check-in process. Busy weekends are known to sell out.

Are there any waivers to fill out for canoeing, kayaking or camping? 

  • Yes, waivers must be filled out prior to arrival with a reservation. Waivers are available in the office for our walk-in customers.

Do you provide a shuttle service for personal boats?

  • Yes shuttle service to our drop off points for a canoe or kayak is $10 per trip. Reservations are highly recommended for this service. 

Do I need to make reservations to camp?

  • Yes, we recommend that you make reservations to camp. We have a limited number of campsites available and they are in high demand in the summer months.
  • We also have several other local campsites available with electric hookups, water and bath houses.

Do I need to make a reservation to stay in a cabin?

  • Yes, you do need to make a reservation with 1st Choice Cabin Rentals to stay in a cabin. They have 16 luxury cabins to choose from are in high demand in the summer months.

Can I bring alcohol?

  • It is against Ohio’s law to operate a watercraft while under the influence.

Is firewood available?

  • Firewood is available at the Canoe Livery or 1st Choice Cabin Rentals & General Store.

Can I bring my pet?

  • Pets are permitted on the property and on canoe rides. Pets must be leashed or contained in some way while in public areas and should be friendly to other pets and people.

What happens if the weather is bad before my trip departs?

  • Shuttles take people out rain or shine, unless there is thunder and lightening. If bad weather rolls in, the shuttle driver will check the weather and determine an appropriate take off time, or may cancel the trip.

What happens if the weather gets bad on my trip?

  • If there is any chance of bad weather your shuttle driver will give you instruction in what to do if you get caught in a storm. For the most part, the best thing to do is to keep paddling, staying in the center of the river and heading downstream. If you have not yet passed the five mile trip, you can stop there, as shuttle drivers will check there for people.

What should I wear on the river?

  • Be sure to check the local weather forecast and dress appropriately. Remember that the water will often be cooler than the air temperature. You should wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet and dirty. Old tennis shoes or sandals work well – basically any footwear that will stay on your foot. Flip flops are not recommended.

What should I bring with me on my river trip?

  • We recommend you have sunscreen, water and a snack for the trip. A waterproof camera or a camera in a watertight container is also nice.