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Personal Vessel Storage

I understand that I am storing my personal vessel and accessories/contents at the livery for the season solely at my own risk. I will ensure I have sufficient insurance coverage as applicable to my unit.

I hereby release Murray’s Landing LLC and all of its owners, members, or staff from any and all claims regarding any loss or damage to my property including fire, theft, vandalism, animal or rodent damage, natural disasters or any other damage regardless of the cause.

The rate for storage will be $10.00+tax each month per vessel and must be paid by the first of each month.  You must supply your own locks and leave a key with us in case your vessel needs moved.  If not paid by the first of each month, your vessel must be removed.  If not removed within 30 days, you forfeit the vessel to Murray’s Landing LLC.

Name: _______________________________ Phone Number: __________________________________

Full Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Signed: _______________________________________Date: ___________________________________

Boat Information:           






Months of storage:                                       [x]  PAID                    DATE                             INITIALS

APRIL                                                  [  ]                         __________                       _______                             

MAY                                                    [  ]                         __________                       _______

JUNE                                                  [  ]                         __________                       _______

JULY                                                   [  ]                         __________                       _______

AUGUST                                             [  ]                         __________                       _______

SEPTEMBER                                      [  ]                         __________                       _______

OCTOBER                                          [  ]                         __________                       _______Type your paragraph here.