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Murray's Landing LLC 

Hocking Hill's Canoe and Kayak Livery in Nelsonville, Ohio


Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I loose my paddle or life vest on the river? 

  • We understand that tipping of a canoe may happen.  However, you are responsible for all damages and lost items for the rental period. You will be charge additional fee for lost paddles or life vests if not returned at end of trip. See our rates page for the fees.

When does the season start and end?

  • Our season is from April 15th through the end of October 31st. We operate 7 days a week. 

Are there any waivers to fill out for canoeing, kayaking or camping? 

  • Yes, waivers must be filled out. Waivers are available in the office for our walk-in customers.

Will I have to portage my Canoe or Kayak?

  • Yes, Unfortunately there will times on some sections of the river that you will have to portage the boats around shallow areas.  We will do our best to let you know how often this might occur.  Keep in mind that you are on a Canoe and Kayak adventure and this is sometimes part of the experience.

When is the best time to canoe? 

  • Weekday are the best day to canoe or kayak if you want more privacy and space on the river. The livery is busiest during weekends and holidays. Traffic levels are typically lower in the morning, pick up during the afternoon and then die down as the afternoon progresses. It is possible that at times we can be sold out! It is always a good idea to make a reservation to ensure you get on the water as quick as possible.

What should I wear canoeing? 

  • It's best to dress in warm layers that you can and add or shed depending on the outside temperature. The riverbed can be very rocky, therefore flip flops are not recommended. It is advisable to wear a sandal with a backstrap.

How many people can fit in a canoe? 

  • You can fit two adults and two kids (10 and under) in a canoe or can also fit 3 adults in a canoe

Are there any age requirements to canoe? 

  • The only set age limit is a minimum of four years old for any boat ride. Depending on the water conditions older age limits may apply. It is important to know your and your children's limitations and to not take a trip longer than you are comfortable.

What is the weight limit for canoeing or kayaking?

  • Each boat has a separate weight capacity. The closer you are to the weight capacity, the more likely it is that you will tip over your boat. Canoes have the highest weight capacities and are best for larger guests.

Do you provide a shuttle service for personal boats?

  • Yes shuttle service to our drop off points for a canoe or kayak is $10 per trip.

Why should I canoe with Murray’s Landing?

  • We are a family owned and operated business in Nelsonville, Oh.  We have enjoyed for many years fishing and canoeing on the Hocking river.  We wanted to bring that same sense of adventure and love of nature to as many of our family and friends as possible.  There is no better place to create memories of a lifetime then canoeing or kayaking on the river.  The Hocking River is a Class I river so its safe and enjoyable for all ages.

What makes this place so great?

  • We have friendly staff eager to make your trip enjoyable.  You will be on a completely new stretch of river that differs from the other Canoe rentals location in Logan.  We already have many satisfied customers.

Do I need to make reservations to camp?

  • Yes, we recommend that you make reservations to camp. We have a limited number of campsites available.

Do I need to make a reservation to stay in a cabin?

  • Yes, you do need to make a reservation with 1st Choice Cabin Rentals to stay in a cabin. They have 20 luxury cabins to choose from are in high demand in the summer months.

Can I bring alcohol?

  • It is against Ohio’s law to operate a watercraft while under the influence.

Is firewood available?

  • Firewood is available at the Canoe Livery or 1st Choice Cabin Rentals & General Store.

Can I bring my pet?

  • Pets are permitted on the property and on canoe rides. Pets must be leashed or contained in some way while in public areas and should be friendly to other pets and people.

How old do you have to be to take out a kayak?

  • It is dependent on the child kayaking and the child’s physical ability to handle the kayak for the length of a trip, as determined by the child’s parent or guardian. A typical 8 year old could easily handle a kayak in normal river conditions.

What happens if the weather is bad before my trip departs?

  • Shuttles take people out rain or shine, unless there is thunder and lightening. If bad weather rolls in, the shuttle driver will check the weather and determine an appropriate take off time, or may cancel the trip.

What happens if the weather gets bad on my trip?

  • If there is any chance of bad weather your shuttle driver will give you instruction in what to do if you get caught in a storm. For the most part, the best thing to do is to keep paddling, staying in the center of the river and heading downstream. If you have not yet passed the five mile trip, you can stop there, as shuttle drivers will check there for people.

How do I get back to my car after my trip?

  • For all of our trips you are shuttled upstream and then paddle back downstream to the canoe livery where your car is parked.

What should I wear on the river?

  • Be sure to check the local weather forecast and dress appropriately. Remember that the water will often be cooler than the air temperature. You should wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet and dirty. Old tennis shoes or sandals work well – basically any footwear that will stay on your foot. Flip flops are not recommended.

What should I bring with me on my river trip?

  • We recommend you have sunscreen, water and a snack for the trip. A waterproof camera or a camera in a watertight container is also nice.

Are snacks or drinks available for purchase?

  • Yes. We have soda and carry a line of snacks in the shop. In hot weather we also sell additional cold.