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Our family and friends have been enjoying the great resources that the Hocking River has to offer and would like to bring that opportunity to others. 

We are a family owned and operated business in Nelsonville, Oh.  We have enjoyed for many years fishing and canoeing on the Hocking river.  We wanted to bring that same sense of adventure and love of nature to as many of our family and friends as possible.  There is no better place to create memories of a lifetime then canoeing or kayaking on the river.  The Hocking River is a Class I river so its safe and enjoyable for all ages.

There are two trip options. Both trips are good for beginners. The Hocking River is generally a calm smooth river with a few riffles, islands and sand bars. This stretch we run our trips run on is Class I. We transport you upstream and you canoe back to the livery and your car with the current. All paddling times are approximate, based on the average time of an average paddler in average river conditions. Both trips run on the Hocking River. Adverse river conditions may make an alternate waterway necessary. Both trips provide great fishing opportunities.

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Hocking Hill's Canoe and Kayak Livery in Nelsonville, Ohio